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Race Report- Pikes Peek 10K

on April 29, 2012

Pikes Peek 10k Race Report

April 29, 2012




Place: 239 11/22 Bib: 1305 Name: Erin McGuire Age: 17 Germantown MD Time: 51:09   Pace: 8:14 min/mile


            Going into this race, I felt good! I hadn’t actually run 6 miles in a while, but I’d been running 4 or 5 miles everyday on the treadmill at about an 8 min/mile pace. My only concern was that I would be much slower on the asphalt. The race began near the Shady Grove Metro station and finished at White Flint Mall. The weather was perfect…about 60 degrees! I went to bed pretty early the night before and had my race outfit laid out.

            I was planning to wake up at 6:30 but I ended up waking up on my own at 6. I got dressed and had my usual long run/race breakfast of wheat bread topped with peanut butter. I packed a bag for after the race filled with a jacket, chapstick, and extra water. We then left and soon after arrived near the starting line. I was planning to meet my friend Lindsey, but couldn’t find her amongst the 3,000 + people. I did see some Fleet Feet people, and Kanayo, one of my favorite coaches!! In addition, near the 6:30 min/mile pace group I saw Perry, one of the trainers at my gym!

            Since I realized I’d be running the race solo, I decided to go ahead and push the pace a bit. So, I lined up with the 7-8 min/mile pace group. It seemed like a long wait, but finally, we got underway. Three corrals were released, and then it was my turn. As we left the start, the clock said 4:00. So, I knew I’d have to subtract 4 minutes from my gun time to find my net time at the finish. The race began, and I felt pretty good. I tried to start out pretty fast, which is the opposite of what I usually do. I reached the 1 mile marker and the gun said 12:00, which I knew actually meant 8 minutes. Woohoo! I was happy with that. I could tell we were leaving Gaithersburg and entering Rockville when we passed the Montgomery College Rockville Campus just past Mile 1. I hit mile 2 and the clock said 20:00, meaning I did another 8 minute mile. I was trying to follow this man in a blue shirt because I could tell he was running about that pace. However, I lost him around mile 2.5. Oh well. As we hit mile 3 and the 5k mark, the time on the gun was about 28:00, I believe. That meant I did about a 25:00 5k, which I was quite pleased with! We passed Marlo and Richard Montgomery High School at the 3 mile mark, the heart of Rockville for sure. There were a couple little hills, but not too bad. For the most part, the course was flat as a pancake, and even downhill in spots. Mile 3 to 4 seemed to pass the slowest, but once I hit mile 4, I tried to kick it up a notch if I could.

            In Mile 4 I asked a man what the pace was, and he said it was 8:08. Awesome! A few days ago I had wanted to go a 9 min/mile pace due to not running outside lately, but on race day I decided I would go for that 8 minute mile. At about mile 5, I heard a man say that the tall buildings in the distance was the finish line area. That made me happy. Mile 5 to 6 seemed a bit slow as well. As soon as I crossed mile 6, someone said “almost done!” A minute or so later I saw Perry again (he had just finished) and he said “good job Erin” so kind! I could see the finish line in the distance, and ran fast to the finish! I saw my parents there and my mom got some great action shots of me. As I finished, I could see that the gun time was about 55:20, and so I knew that meant my overall time was about 51 minutes. I was so pleased!! I was thinking I would finish around 56 minutes, and I killed it by a solid minutes! Woohoooo! After I finished, a volunteer took my chip, I saw my parents and Kanayo again, and then headed over to the Finish Line Festival to get my bag and some water. I was a little surprised that there were no medals, but oh well…after all, it’s not a marathon or half marathon. Overall, a great day and a great race!




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